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Is your computer
Windows XP, Vista, 7 PCs and laptops
Browser: Internet Explorer v7 onwards
Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Fully Supported
Apple OS X (Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro)
Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Fully Supported
Other PC/Mac Browsers
Browser: Google Chrome
Browser: Apple Safari
Limited Support - Alternative Browser Recommended
Android Tablet/Phone Devices
Browser: Google Chrome (Mobile Version)
Not Supported
iOS Devices - iPad, iPhone
Browser: Safari (iOS Version)
Not Supported
Other things to check:

  • You are running the latest version of Sun JAVA, available for free from www.java.com (PC) or via Software Update (Mac)
  • You are running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, available for free from www.adobe.com
  • You have any pop-up blockers turned off
  • You do not have any third party browser bars installed (Google / Yahoo Toolbar)
  • You have the latest updates for your computer and browser, available from either Microsoft Update (PC) or Software Update (Mac)
  • For video playback, you have the latest version of Silverlight, available from www.microsoft.com/silverlight

Frog are constantly working on improving compatibility with new devices and browsers, however the core functionality of the Frog platform is restricted to those devices highlighted as 'Fully Supported' above. This list will be amended whenever changes are issued.
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